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Nowadays, safety and privacy are of paramount importance when working on a computer, particularly if it is a shared one. Predator is a simple, lightweight and affordable program which allows you to keep your computer safe.

It works as follows: after installing it, you need to set up a password for your computer, so when you are away and the screen goes off, you will need the password to access the computer. Also, you need to set a USB memory for the password to be stored in it. Then, when you leave your computer, you can remove the USB device, and when the screen turns off, it will be possible to turn it on only by entering the password, or by inserting the USB. Otherwise, the program will generate a report that you can send to the network administrator.

You can also set a schedule to state the time during which the computer will be active, and when it will lock itself. This is useful to control the time of use of your family members.

The drawbacks I found were that on its web page, the developer claims that if you remove the USB, the keyboard and mouse will lock until you reinsert it. This didn't happen when I tried the program. Also, the interface is rather dull, and a monitoring notification appears every now and then, which is rather annoying.

You can use the program for 8 days with all its features. Then, if you like it and intend to keep using it, you will need to purchase a license which, as I've said earlier, is very affordable.

Victor Hernandez
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  • Effectively protects your computer from being used or looked into
  • It has an affordable cost


  • The interface is rather dull
  • The keyboard and mouse didn't locked when I removed the USB
  • A monitoring notification appears every now and then, which can be annoying
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